Dec 19
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Talking Sound

    When I was little I worked in this diner with my father and mother. I am 24 now and my brother and has his new family that have moved to the next county over. This diner has been open for 19 years and tomorrow is its 20th anniversary and my birthday. My parent are both old and they live in a nursing home a few blocks away from my apartment. Today is July,17,2001 and the diner is packed with travelers coming from everywhere to see the pink blossoming trees here in Washington DC.

I am the head runner of the diner and have been for 4 years now. The diner has 5 chefs, 4 waitresses and 2 custodians that come after the diner has closed. One day the diner was so packed that we had to ask the people that owned the empty warehouse if we could use it for the diner to seat people. The plan worked and after that we bought the warehouse to become an extension for the diner. The first day it was packed with people young and old. We were bizzy and it echoed a little in the warehouse so it sound like a million people were in there. We now have 9 chiefs, 9 waitresses and 7 custodiens.  
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