Dec 19

10 "easy" steps to become god.

Dear Reader,
This is what you have to accomplish to become god:
Step 1: Get hit by a falling star acquiring Cosmic power of the Night sky
Step 2: Trick a Transformer into become your pet from their home planet of Unicron.
Step 3: Assemble the Power Rangers to defeat King Kong,
Step 4: Create a cult that believes that Pokemon are real.
Step 5: Beat Darth Vader in a lightsaber showdown.
Step 6: Befriend Satan. He’s a bro if you get to know him.
Step 7: Beat a genius computer at chess.
Step 8: Play baseball with a skyscraper as your bat and a baseball stadium as your ball.
Step 9: Assemble the Justice League to protect the world.
Step 10: Wake up from this dream, you dumb fuck.
You think it’s that easy to become a god?  I pity you.

About the Author: FRENCHFREYZ
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