Jan 20
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I've Kinda Given Up

Each action had its consequence. Even though I may regret some actions and have to live with the fact that it happened; whether it be a failed test or a fight with a friend. The events and actions that followed are important; everything is important and although it might not be fun. I've been sick before and wished I was dead but then a few months later thought of everything that had happened that I would've missed if I had died while sick like I had wished.

Many people wish they could have a time machine and could go back and change their mistakes and stop then from happening, but worry about the effects that would have. They say you can’t go back to a time when you exist because then there would be two of you and it would be a mess, but what if you could go back in time but wake up in your own body so there wouldn’t be two of you or anything. You’d be the only one who would know that you traveled to the past. I wish I could do that this past couple weeks. I know it sounds dumb, but I got a 79 in chemistry and because of that I didn’t make honor roll for the first time. I know there’s nothing I can do and I should stop complaining, it’s over, but I’m upset. I feel like this one bad grade will make people look at me different and think that I’m dumb. I feel the need to explain that it was a 79 and that I was only one point away, but that doesn’t change anything. There was nothing I could’ve done and it was the grade I deserved. It should inspire me to work harder this semester and maybe get help before it’s too late, maybe hang out with some smarter people who can help me. Some kids would be thrilled with grades like mine. I not used to getting bad grades and feeling like such a failure.