Jan 21
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The World

We’re counting down the days to our own annihilation
Livin in a world once green from the plantation
Declaring wars without negotiation
Just for the heck of starting a revolution
Watching the dwindling of this world population
Singing the song of the only standing nation
Learning that the one thing we can’t buy is salvation
Falling slave to the world’s brutal temptations
Finding out that we are this world's cockroaches, it’s infestation
Hating but loving this land of complete desolation
Hoping that someone will save us from this on coming liberation
Praying that tomorrow won’t be our termination

But hey
Outside it’s just a bloodbath
That's what it’s like livin in these wastelands
And yet we’re here to tell you that
We’ve been broken, We’ve been bruised
We’ve been unwanted, and We’ve been used
But yet were still standing on this mountain range
Screaming it’s time for change

Trying to figure out this world’s definition
Looking at these genders and finding only the division
Seeing beauty but only at the collision
In the middle falling victim to love’s strong addiction
Only to find that everything we thought is just fiction
Somebody fix our government which has become our restriction
Take away the part of us that hates through a painful excision
Say that we all have finally been forgiven
Pray that this dream is not just a foolish mission
Hope that our lives won’t lead to our own world demolition

But hey
Outside there’s just some mayhem
That’s what it’s like livin in these battlegrounds
And yet we’re here to tell you
We’ve been crushed, We’ve been shattered
We’ve been snapped, and We’ve been tattered
But yet were still boating down this stream
Escaping the soldiers who show no mercy as we scream

Our world can never fail that is what we thought
But now we know that this world was bound to rot
Leaving all the humans on this impure world living in distraught
Seeing beyond our own tainted greeds we cannot
Despising each other to the point where alliances broke and we fought
Losing track of the loved ones we once sought
A disease that kills just by touch, our hearts have caught
Never preaching the words that our ancestors once taught
Helping others as they might help us is what we should have sought
But we should have made this idea not be an afterthought
Maybe then our world would have improved a lot
But instead we are wrapped up in our problems tying us in like a knot

But hey
Outside we’re committing these crimes
That’s what it’s like livin’ in these brutal times
And yet we’re here to tell you
We’ve been wounded, We’ve been cracked
We’ve been damaged, and We’ve been attacked
But yet we’re still lying on the dirt
With a gun in our hands and blood on our shirt

Our lives have been classified
Our hearts have been modified
And our brains have been horrified
Our feelings have turned to suicide
Our pain has been intensified
And who we are has not been justified
You think that we have been stupefied
You think we’ve been crucified
But in truth we’ve been unidentified
Some call us purified
Some call us unified
But in truth we are just terrified