Jan 26
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-Write a story about yourself as an animal.  What would you be? How would you act?
-Write about a time when you were overcome with emotion.  Where were you? How did you feel?
- "I watched in horror as the people I loved most.."  Continue the story or poem from here.
-Write a story about a possession that you cherish.  Tell the story of why it's so important to you and how you got it.
-Write a story about a single subject, and elaborate on it as much as possible.\
- Write a story with at least 5 similes or metaphors

-Tell the story of an antagonist, from their perspective.
-Write about the perspective of a pet, sibling, or loved one and how you think they think of you.
-Write a story taking place in the future.  
-Write about your perspective of the election.
-Write about a mistake you once made in life that you regret. Explain how you would fix the mistake.