Jan 27


Wisps of of golden brown that poke from the scalp, slithering far below the shoulders, until they reach the dimples in the lower back
Two craters, resting daintily above the curve of the butt
Seeming to grow deeper with every thumb that presses into the soft indentations.

Lush green woodlands captured in the iris, deep and mysterious
Rays of sunlight peeking around the edges, a hazy yellow hue.

Once soft and youthful lips now chapped from salty air
Faded pink
Weathered from storms of lust.

Shoulders sunkissed and tarnished with orange splatters, souvenirs from the sky, the light, and the warmth.

The subtle curve of the waist
An hourglass
Freckles like grains of sand
Collecting over the years.

The name of an old lover in faded black ink, resting permanently where the hand meets the wrist
Blue veins running between the letters 
tiny rivers of life.

Soft skin stretched around the hip bones 
Jutting out like small hills that lead down the legs
A path only some choose to take.

Purple and blue etched on the upper thighs like secrets written in cursive only some can read.

Legs that are long and graceful
Muscles protruding from the calves 
Vertical mountains of strength.

A body that is extraordinary.
A body that is beautiful.
A body that has lived.