Jan 27

More Logic Pro X - Same Books

So yes, I decided to post more of this. It's still taken from the Inspector Gamache series (by Louise Penny) and this is some shorter, possibly more basic music. I'm trying to be slightly less nervous about this ... 

So this first one is from the scene in Ruth's house in Still Life (the sticky note on the bathroom mirror "You're looking at the problem.") I know that probably doesn't mean much, but it's a bit of backstory. (1)
And this is from A Trick of the Light, to do with exactly that, upon that art dealer's comment on Clara's painting. (2)

And then this last one is from Still Life again, in the moment when the drawings all over Jane's walls are revealed. (Sorry for all this meaningless context.) (3)

Anyways, here are my attempts at improving and hopefully I actually am. So ...