Feb 10
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Dear Hope,
Although I don't exactly know your name yet,
Or your race,
Or your gender,
I need to call you hope.
You are the future,
You hold everything.
You are only 8 pounds,
But you can handle tons.
Our world needs you,
More than superman.
More than anything your brain can handle.
We need so many things from you,
Too many to list.
The world needs less fights,
More freedom.
Maybe in a few hundred years,
We won't even have a world to live in.
The great barrier reef is nothing but grey now.
Rhinos can barely live on their own,
Elephants can be found lying on the ground with blood surrounding them and missing their tusks,
The world is getting warmer every year.
We need not one,
But everyone to care about what is going on right in front of our eyes.
Cars and automobiles are spewing out smog,
Animals are being killed in the most inhumane way possible,
Chickens should not be lying bloody eggs,
Pigs should not have to choke on their own blood while hanging upside down just so you can have bacon for breakfast.
It's not rare anymore to find a suffering shark mother with her fins chopped off lying on the ocean floor waiting to die.
There should not be a smog cloud so thick that people in Beijing can't see their hands in front of their face.
Children of the future,
Help us.
For we need a change in our behavior.
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