Feb 10

Golden Locket

The grimy golden locket smelled of kimchi, the breath of Chinatown. The place I found it was more of a hole in the wall, stuffed with old, and for the most part useless, items. Little water fountains, books, crystallized bugs, and other nick nacks littered the walls, spilling onto what little floor room they had. Something about the necklace intrigued me, maybe how you could see the shining gold under all that dirt, or how, tucked away so nicely, it called me, and lay like a present. Waiting. I walked to the cashier and and showed him the price tag: 3$. I still didn't let go of it until I walked into the bustling street where I pushed it in my pocket. I felt like I couldn't show it to the people around me, like someone might steal it. I couldn't let them steal it, it was part of me now. A man wearing a red had bumped into me and stumbled. He apologized and continued on his way. When I got home, I felt around in my pocket, only to find it empty. 
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Rosie Lowry
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