Feb 10
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Cantus and Michael

          “That blasted fool! I was so close, world domination was practically at my fingertips!” Cantus blasted open the doors to his secret lair, enraged. 
          “Who does he think he bloody is! I need to get rid of him if I ever want to rule the world!” He marched up to his throne and sat down with a big sigh. “Michael, bring me the peanut butter. I need to eat away my misery.”
          “Right away, sir!” called his servant. Michael brough back the peanut butter, along with some crackers. Cantus ate the peanut butter, practically drank it. 
         “We need something that he will never expect, something he can’t stop!” Cantus roared.
          “May I suggest bombing Russia, sir?” Michael said, with a tinge of hopefulness in his voice.
          “Yes!” Cantus exclaimed. “Great idea Michael!” Cantus and Michael went on to bomb Russia.
         “That's what happens when you take my dog, Putin!” Parker laughed. 
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