Feb 10
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It was a warm sunny day and I was sitting under a tree at the park. I was so happy that the cold,crisp, chilly nights of winter were over and we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. You could hear everything, the,”Thump” of the basketball dribbling down the court. The,”Ping!” of a soccer ball hitting the crossbar of the goal. The,”Crack!” of the baseball bat, it was all wonderful. Until you get tired and you sit down and see your phone. Hundreds of News Stories, Snapchats, tweets and emails. You get sucked in, you read an article and think wow and then you move on to maybe texting your friends. But look around, your friends are right next to each other. Now if you just for one second turn off your phone and look around you're not alone. For just one second talk to your friends or play a game. We must live the present and not the future and as far as I’m concerned phones are the future and friends, life and you are the present.  

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