Feb 10
fiction 0 comments challenge: Siren
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It was a cold winter morning, I had just woken up from a long lasting slumber. As I awaken I heard something loud, but far. My heart starts to race, where is that noise coming from? Am I in danger? My mind is spinning like a whirlpool. I grabbed my robe and put on my fluffy white slippers and ran down stairs. As I come down the stairs I noticed red bright lights flashing. I slowly walked over to the cold misty window and peeked outside. As I look outside my heart starts to melt as if my whole world has fallen apart! I drop to the ground like my heart was taken from my chest. I could not move I felt frozen. I hear people talking but I don’t listen for nothing is important anymore.  All I can do is lay there on the cold cold floor wishing my life would start over again.