Feb 10
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It's Out

I sat in my room,
Working effortlessly on an assignment.
I was almost done.
Almost satisfied,
Until it hit me hard.
I couldn’t take it.
I became frustrated,
I wanted to cry.
So I did.
I let it go.
Let all of that frustration out.
Tears slipping down my face in my silent,
Candlelit room.
They slipped down onto my cheek,
Then the brim of my mouth,
Then it was over.
I took deep breaths in of fresh air,
And let toxic breaths out of anger.
It was a good thing.
Something to always remember.
No matter the pain,
I go through,
It’s for a reason.
It has a purpose.
I have a purpose.
I just knew at that moment,
That it was going to be ok.