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Feb 10

A VT Writes Day Gem

So this is GG. And I have to say Vermont Writes Day is a blast; many of the posts just strike our funny bone. This was posted at our special Web site: vermontwritesday.org (only open for posting on the one day). This post, from one boy is priceless, mis-spellings and all. (The author got in touch with us to say part of his spelling issue is that he is dyslexic. But y'all know that I'm not a stickler for spelling, particularly not on the draft stage!) I thought I would add to the post by giving it a dramatic reading. And yes, I altered my voice for added effect. Enjoy. 

I do nopt wont to right butt my teacher is making me do it and i hate it a lot so the the story is that it is to cold to go to recess so the school will have inside recess butt we have gim right now but the school is useing the gim so are techer is like howbout we right something on the vermont right website i am stuck riting this i hope recess is done soon so we can play in the gim we will play bombardment in the gim it is a relly fun game but this is takeing for ever and we are stuck here riting this relly dumb thing when we go play in the gim i will take my anger out on my classmates by hiting them in the face hard relly hard relly relly hard like bam hard they will cry hard there is like 2 mintes ontill we go the gim i just askd my teecher so ya this has ben relly boring butt it is omost over thankfully i bet nowon will read this so this is poantlis and i probly spelt this roungh like all the werds butt there is no oto cerect now oi can go0 to the gim. bye

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