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May 01

A moment

This is a common way to start a story -- think of a memorable moment, something that happened that brought change or that put you in a dilemma or that was really a sudden rush of emotion. ALL you will do is make a list -- with phrases intended to capture the essence, headline, action of your story to remind you of what it was. And, again, think of a memorable moment in your life. Here are some framing questions to help:
  • an act of betrayal (something you've done, or something done to you)
  • a moment when you've hurt someone
  • a moment when you've been hurt by someone
  • a time I saw something I wish I could unsee
  • a time when you overheard something or saw something that you shouldn't have
  • a time when you did something really embarrassing
  • a time when you made a bad choice, as in really bad choice
  • a time when you made a major transition
  • one of your scars
  • a time when you wish you had said something, but didn't
  • a time when you did say something that you wish you hadn't
So give yourself a minute or so to think, click RESPOND and list as many things as you can in TWO minutes. Cheat if you want, but don't go over 5 minutes. Otherwise you will turn into a toad.

Activity I
OK, so now that you've got a list, edit your piece and put a big X in front of the three stories you like best. Save and walk away.
Activity II
Now that you are back, decide which one of your stories in the list -- or maybe it's one you just thought of. Now we want you to TELL the story orally by recording yourself. And do NOT worry if you mess up or get a little lost, just keep going. 
  • TIP: You can record directly onto your blog if you have a microphone on your computer. In EDIT mode of your list, click ADD MEDIA, CLICK 'BROWSE' under Audio, Click the tab: Recorder and follow the instructions. Make sure to SAVE your audio (don't play it) and then SAVE your post. (Now play it.)
  • STORYTELLIG HINT: Start the story later than you think you should and end it earlier than you think you should.
  • Imagine you are telling this story to a friend, someone who knows you and does NOT judge you.
Go and look at another participant's list and listen to their story. GIVE them some feedback. Tell them what works. Tell them what's missing or what could be amplified.