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May 01

The Finish

You've gotten some feedback on your story. You've thought about it more. You've read it through, maybe even read it outloud. Now you want to tweak and polish your story, fill in the gaps, make it more complete.

Stories need to develop a reader's interest. Does your story have any or all of these:
  • A character -- protaganist -- who wants something, needs something
  • An obstacle to that want -- something preventing the character from getting what he wants
  • An antagonist who gets in the protaganist's way because he/she is competing for that want, or because she/he doesn't want the protaganist to get what is wanted or needed.
  • Action or plot; the protaganist seems to be succeeding, no he's not, yes now he is...
  • There needs to be a change -- something happens and the characters are not the same. 
So you have a story that has some of these. But maybe it needs something. Go for it. Create some details. Raise the tension. Increase the impact. But be credible. Be subtle.
Go back to your last XP -- DRAFT -- and COPY the text you created. Now click RESPOND and paste it here. Look back on the comments you got on the other piece, think about what's missing, what needs work and go wild. Revise.
(OR if you are feeling really brave, think out what you want to make up or create and start afresh.)
Comment on others' work. When you have received some comments, use some or all of the suggestions to finish out your piece.
Now try recording your final piece. Give it a nice dramatic reading, BUT make it conversational, as if you were telling it. To do this:
  • Click Edit on your piece
  • Scroll down to Audio Recorder
  • Follow instructions and narrate from the body of your post. 
  • Save

Add image(s) or drawing(s) as you see fit. Or don't.

Pat yourself on the back and make your final piece PUBLIC by clicking the "Make post public" box.