Mar 23
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Day Dream

    I always think about where I would go if I were to skip school.  I know off the top of my head where I wouldn’t go… home, work etc.  But what would I do if I had the whole day off?  Carefree, no responsibility. Maybe I would go sit in the forest under a canopy of trees and think.  Just sit down and actually go deep into the thoughts that often times my brain is too occupied to think about.  I think I would enjoy the peacefulness away from the daily commotion of high school student and teachers.  I would fall asleep as I daydreamed to the rustles of the leaves and faint singing of the birds.  I would be hypnotized by the forest music like I used to fall asleep to my mothers heartbeat when I was an infant. I would be in utopia, a break from reality.  As the dim warm sun hit my face through the break in the trees. Accompanied by all the creates of mother nature but no one to bother my thoughts.  No distractions. Just myself and the world.
But I would never skip school.  There are too many responsibilities in this dim lighting under the roof of this old brick building where grades are more important than your well being.
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