Mar 31

Still a Life to Live

   August Reltanio was fourteen years old when the fire took his family away from him. He had been staying at a friend's house, feeling he needed to get out of his house for a while, to take a brake from the cramped small house filled with five older brothers and sisters, and his parents. He was oblivious to the fact that his large family wouldn't be there when he got back... 
   The choking smell of smoke overshadowed the horror of it all before he even saw the state the house was in. The fire trucks were long gone; the house was ruined, but no longer up in flames. There were still a few police officers at the scene, putting up caution tape and boarding up the doors. August stayed out of sight, not wanting to have to talk to them, but nothing could stop him from overhearing those two words that changed his life: "...No survivors..."
   He started to run in the opposite direction.
   Running from the truth.
   From Reality.
   From Himself...
   The only sounds were his beating heart, and his feet pounding on the solid earth that, to him, seemed shaky and unsteady. He knew that he would have to stop at some point, and finally, exhausted, he collapsed to the ground underneath a large tree, as reality caught up to him. His family was gone.
   His home was gone.
   Life as he knew it was gone. Never to be seen again.
   He pulled his hood up over his head, and started to cry. Not for himself.
   For a life that he couldn't live anymore. But he knew that he had to let go someday. Life would go on, despite the loss. His life wasn't over, despite what others thought. He still had a life to live, hard and different though it would be. 
   But for now, he would hide away, in the depths of his hoodie.