Apr 11
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I Watch Her

I watch her, you know
I can recall every time her smile shattered
And she had to piece it back together
A little more broken every time
I have seen how she tries to shake the dread
Out of the folds of her clothes
To wash it out of her hair
That clinging dread
Of facing another day of living
I remember
The tears that slipped down her cheeks
When she thought no one saw
I have seen her stand still when they screamed at her run
Because running was not enough to escape the fear
That consumed her every time she inhaled a breath of air
The choking fear that she was not enough
I know
The way she stands crooked because she is afraid she does not fit
Into this life
I can see the way she looks at her reflection
Like she doesn't believe she's looking at herself
I watch her, you know
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About the Author: Della
'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.' -Nelson Mandela