Apr 14
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none of this is by design

What are we but soft compilations of clashing items

Uncertain hearts pushing blood through paper thin tunnels

That could tear at a sudden turn

Science fair projects hastily forced into being

With Scotch Tape and pipe cleaners

Set carefully on folding tables so our pieces stay together

And we might continue to be a little while longer

How could we be anything but these:

Half-formed clay models with too-weak joints

If we have hard muscles, it is only from

Constantly straining to hold everything we are in place

And push it towards the next location

Who then, could call these bodies

As though any one part connects to the next

To form a unit with purpose

Fumbling for a goal we can only dimly comprehend-a glimpse of clear sky in the storm

To be more that what we are:

Beings, leaning in the dark


And raw

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