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Jul 14

Week Three

It's time for week THREE of reading! 

This week, we are reading chapters 14 - 19 (read through nineteen) of Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart. We will be reading this section from August 7th to August 12th. Remember to read FIRST, and THEN take a look at the activities for this section.

Remember, to post here, you have to hit RESPOND.

Next week, we will be having our PARTY!!! Keep an eye out for a post about the time and location of the book club party. 

Note that you don’t have to do all of the prompts, or even any of the prompts! You could just post your opinions about the book, or start a conversation. You can even head over to the chatroom and talk about the book there. We really want to start a conversation about the book!

ACTIVITIES for Week Three

General. What are your reactions to the book? Do you like it? Do you like the characters? Do you like the writing style? Post your general thoughts here, or go share them in the chatroom.

1. Ah-Kee’s life is a mystery to us throughout this book. We know he is kind and courageous, but how did he learn to help birth a baby? We never even learned what the bird sculpture stood for. Yet he’s gone out of Joseph’s life, and we will never get our answers.

What do you wish you knew more about Ah-Kee's back story/life? What was never answered for you?


Write your own back story for why Ah-Kee and his father have the blackbirds, or for how Ah-Kee learned how to swim, or for how Ah-Kee learned to help birth a baby.

2. Hold on a second — Joseph just SHOT someone! Joseph, a twelve-year-old boy, shot the most wanted outlaw Caleb Fawley.

What are your reactions to this? How do you think Joseph is feeling? What is he thinking? What would be your feelings if you were in his shoes? Do you think shooting Caleb was the only option? React.


Write about Sarah getting taken by Caleb, all the way up to Joseph shooting Caleb, from Sarah’s perspective.

3. There’s a lot of very visual places Joseph and Ah-Kee went to in this chapter. They were in a cabin, on the water, jumping a train, we finally got to see the horses, etc.

Pick a scene from this section and take a picture inspired by that scene. Maybe you take a picture of horses in a pasture, or of faded train tracks. Maybe you could even write a poem based off of your visual. Post your picture, and a poem if you write one.