Oct 03

Looks can be ...

Note: Photo actually taken by semacdonald, ywp community leader.

I am in such a good mood. Light is good. Air is brisk. By myself, camera in hand, I walk through an unexplored area of woods several miles from my home. It feels good. It is magical.

I take this photograph off the trail a bit, right on the edge of an embankment. I wait for the light to be just right and take three frames. Then I start to turn away. That's when I hear it. It comes from deep below the water. Or so it seems. I turn back. The water has ripples, the algae bounces. Then it settles. I start to turn again and, again, I hear a deep low noise, a combination of a low, dull thump and a moan. Again the water ripples, though this time the ripples are more pronounced. I back up. Onto the bank. And watch.

I feel as though in a movie, everything suddenly disorienting. The trees and bushes around the water start to sway, but there ss no wind. The leaning log cuts loos and falls into the water. Again the thumpmoan, extended this time, and the trees and brush sway more dramatically, and then, a roar and loud rushing sound as the water rise up and then, and then, consumes all the vegetation nearby, pulling down, disappearing, gone. Just. Like. That. The pool is larger now. The trees that had been there are gone. A gigantic air bubble rushes and breaks on the surface. I watch the little waves turn to ripples turn to still. The remaining trees are still. No wind. Like magic.