Oct 12
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The Ice Skating Rink

Every snowy, rainy, muddy, slushy, or even just dewy day 
I walk into school on the plush red carpet nursing stiff fingers
And eying the unfortunate substances that have graced my shoes. 
As I walk some snow or rain or perhaps mud shakes off me like a wet dog.
My eyes search the ticking clock because knowing my sister, we're probably almost late. 
Then, alas, I reach the end of the grippy carpet. 
Off onto the plastically tiled floors framed with people. 
Oh no! My smooth bottom shoes can't grip the ice skating rink of a floor
And my arms blow wildly into noodly circles. 
A frantic accelerando as feet slam and slip.
Boom. Huh, my view is suddenly of the ceiling. 
My legs are splayed out like a frog ran over by a car.
Instrument a hockey puck on the floor. 
Stares boring through my body. 
Unfortunately, I'm not too flexible so I hop up quickly is a disoriented sort of way
And retrieve my scattered belongings refused to let red enter my face.
Just as the "are you okay"s begin
I start to laugh. And never stop.