Oct 16
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I have nothing on my mind 
I am a blank slate
I'm in a cave
A cave that has no light
No light for me to see the thoughts on the wall
The cave is my mind
And it is dark
And plain

The poem was my only start. I couldn't think. Writer's block. I tried to focus on my writing but my mind kept wandering to the woman to the right of me, chewing her eggs and bacon. Somehow, she made the regular, quiet bites of egg turn into a can being crunched into someone's hand. No wonder I couldn't think. 
“I know, it's awful.” 
I looked up to find one of the waitresses leaning onto the counter, staring at the woman. 
“Excuse me?” I stated.
“We get people like this all the time, chewing so loud you can hear them at the other side of the diner!” Her gum smacked against her cheek as she talked. 
She looked down at my work.
“Whatcha got there?” she asked. 
“I'm a writer. I write poems,” I replied.
“Coolio. Can I see?”
She grabbed the one I had just written down. I cringed slightly just thinking about it.
“This is good!” she said. 
“I hate it.”
“That's because it's your work. You see your work differently than everyone else.”
I hesitated for a second before asking, “Do you mind helping me?”
We continued to talk for an hour or two before I had to go. 
Ever since then, I've come to that diner to see her again everyday. After a couple of months, we started dating. Two and a half years later, we were married. 10 years after we had first met, we were living in a nice, one-story house with our son and daughter. 
And now I'm sitting next to her outside on the porch of our tiny house in the woods. And once again, my mind is the cave. But this time, I can see one word; Happy. 

(Photo3-Diner credit: Grace Safford)
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