Oct 16
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Fires of Life

Many types, with different qualities.
Similar to human beings.

One example is the bonfire.
Burning with passion,
Inspired to compete,
Living on the kerosene-esq adrenaline,
And can be a little out of control.

Some are like candles,
Small and simplistic,
Burning with the flame of life,
Yet more passive than bonfires.
They melt when it gets to be too much,
But when cooled down,
Will still be able to be fired up again.

Another would be a lantern.
Someone collected and outdoorsy,
Adventurous and cunning.
They are ready to take on the world,
Experience life,
And everything that comes with it.

That fire is life.
Some like it roaring,
Others like it calm and tamed.
As much as we'd like to think,
Fire dies just as we do.
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