Oct 17
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Hello Sweetie -1

You feel a hand grab at your ankle from under the bed. It’s wet and sticky, but firm. It pulls, knocking you to the ground. Your neck snaps back, a painful jolt rocketing through it. You scream, grabbing for the chair next to your bed. But the creature is dragging you too fast and you grope thin air. Your breath runs out and you reach for more. You open your mouth to scream again, but another hand is over your mouth now. Soon, you stop seeing the ceiling of the room you’ve been stuck in for God knows how long, and start to see the bottom of the mattress. Somehow though, the mattress does not stop. Though it being a twin bed, you do not come out the other end. Instead, you feel yourself being dragged downward. Downward into the depths of darkness, swallowing you up into a deep sea of nothingness. The hands move to your neck, but you have less than a second before you hear a snap, and then it’s over. No more hands, no more pulling. Just the darkness.
"Goodbye Sweetie."
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