Oct 19
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Imagine a world where you could eat anything, from cheese burgers to chocolate lava cakes, without having to worry about how you look at the beach. Gorging on decadent food, never feeling the need to hold back, that’s the life. If you have the appetite of a food-deprived lion as I do, this is the superpower for you: the ability to eat to your heart’s content and reap the benefits of doing so. Welcome to the stage, your new hummingbird-like metabolic rate. Say goodbye to restrictions and diets, and meet a world where your favorite foods such as pancakes, waffles, sausage, hash browns, cheeseburgers, French fries, potato chips, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, pizza, lasagna, ice cream, cake, brownies and chocolate chip cookies are like eating salad or eggs. Your favorite decadent foods make you glow and bask in your perfection. Eat a cheeseburger...drop ten pounds. Drink a chocolate milkshake...instantly chiseled abs. Hork down a bag of BBQ chips...bulging biceps. Peck away at a spinach salad...regret. Eat some tofu...off bursts the pants button. Choke down a hard-boiled egg...the muffin top returns.
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