Oct 20
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If I had to give up seeing one color, I would give up seeing red. My reasoning for this is that out of the most beautiful things in life, almost none of them are red. The sunrise is orange, the grass is green, the sky is blue, the soil on which we walk is brown, and the night sky full of the stars we much enjoy gazing at is black.

This is not to say that nothing beautiful is red however, but the other color’s tremendous beauty outweighs red’s sometimes negative implications. For example, the color our faces turn when we are experiencing a negative emotion is red, and probably most prevalent, the color red is commonly seen as representative of aggression. This is not only a cultural implication, as it is seen in human psychology specifically dating back to our earliest ancestors.

Overall, red is one color I could go without seeing. It would take a while to get used to, as would a lack of perceiving any color, but it would be significantly less jarring than a sudden absence of blue or green.

Going through life without seeing a particular color would change your world view, as would any sudden change of perception, so I guess my choice would only be seen as positive or negative after the change.