Oct 26
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Scary story

Thud! I freeze and stare at the looming empty house in front of me. I pull my jacket tightly around myself and shiver. I shut my eyes tight, to afraid to open them again. I slowly open one eye, hoping the house has magically disappeared, but it is still there. It feels as though it is looking back at me.The ground beneath my feet is as solid as a rock. The only thing I see in the windows is darkness. Then, very slowly the doorknob begins to turn. I quickly look for something to hide behind. The door is about an inch open already. I spot a tree and quickly slide behind it. The door is halfway open now. I still don’t see anyone. Just darkness, empty darkness. The door makes no sound as it opens. It doesn't creak or bang like I would’ve expected. I sit there in complete silence. There is no sign of sound or movement from the doorway. I wait in total suspense. Then, something startles me from behind, a rustling noise comes from a patch of bushes in the foggy mystical forest. Another rustle, then a bump. Glowing eyes appear from the far of misty woods. I look around. The only places to run are into the house or into the woods.Then out of the ground comes a bloody finger, and then another. The next thing I know, there are hands reaching out the ground all around me. The arms begin to emerge, covered in blood and scars. I crouch down low behind my tree. The glowing eyes are still there, bright as ever. Then, my instincts kick in and I run straight for the house. I sprint up the crooked stairs leading to the open door. My heartbeat thumps loudly. I look around the room. I see nothing but dust and a set of stairs spiraling upward into darkness. I’m about to put my foot on the first step when I hear a thud from the floor above me. I quickly hide in a shadowy corner. Then there’s footsteps on the stairs. Who could be living in a house like this? Then I can see a shadowy figure step down off of the stairs. Then, they start to walk forward, then they stop and look around. A ragged black cloak is draped around them. I try to be as still as possible. “Who’s there?” A  misty voice asks. I almost jump. I try to keep my breathing as quiet as possible. “I know you're hiding,” the voice says. Now I’m totally freaking out. I quickly make up an escape route in case something happens. She’s blocking the doorway outside so I can tell that's not an option.I could quickly dash around her and run up the stairs. I guess that’s probably my only option. I’m about to make a break for it but that’s when she sees me. I try to dash around her but she’s too quick. She grabs my arm and I use all my strength to get away. When I finally wriggle out of her grip I head straight for the door outside. I run straight into the woods and don’t stop.