Nov 04
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My name is Alex and I’m 14. About 2 days ago I was at a shipyard were my dad's boat was. At least I thought it is was my dad's boat, he went missing about a year ago and I am still looking for him. 

I know what you're thinking why look now? Last week I saw in the paper a photo that looked liked my dad with his boat. In the paper it said that the name of the boat was the “Pillager”. I’ve been all over town and this is the last marina, “he has to be here” I think in my head. I was walking down toward the marina as the wind was howling. It was a cold It was a dark night, you could hear the water chopping in the background, the sky was pitch black and my hands were trembling from the cool crisp breeze. I walk down to the first dock with my flashlight out looking for the name “pillager” on the stern of the boat. On the first dock I strike out no luck, I walk what it seems like forever looking for the boat in the picture. 

I’m about to give up as I walk down the ramp to the last dock. About halfway down the dock I shine my light on a boat that looks familiar. I lean over to see the stern of a boat when all of the sudden I lose my balance. I feel the freezing cold water on my skin swallowing me into the deep blue. I remember why I’m terrified of the water, two years ago in a boating accident my brother drowned.
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