Nov 23
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How to Survive in a Post Millennial World

Step 1: Get a job. Rather simple yet the most difficult step. In order to get a decent job, you must have a college degree of some sorts. That means that you must be able to pay an institution upwards of 75k to receive a piece of paper that says you are qualified to work. Long before you start the difficult 4 years of college, you must put blood and sweat into your high school academics to be able to receive a piece of paper that says you are qualified to pay 75k to receive another piece of paper. Your job must pay more than 45k a year, and have health insurance, dental, and all that other important mumbo jumbo that you were never taught. You must also be able to keep that job, live comfortably, and pay off your outrageous student loans. Welcome to the Real World.

    Step 2: Find a place to live. Whether it's an apartment to yourself or a rental house with roommates, you need to be able to pay rent each month, and “prepare” for the future. Wouldn’t you love to live in one of the suburban mansions, with a big yard, a pool, and a barbecue? Unless you are inheriting that property, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to comfortably purchase such a property. By the time you paid off the mortgage on your house, you would be paying over 200k more than the value of the house. You want to be able to save your money, get married, and buy a house that will leave you in teeny tiny debt. Now that is our Post-Millennial American dream.

    Step 3: Be financially stable. This is a tough one alright, how can you  be expected to pay off student loans, pay rent, pay for food and basic necessities, and be able to save money for the future? Quite simple actually, you can’t! Well, you can’t comfortably. Your lifestyle will have to change, you can’t go out as much, you can’t buy whatever you want, and you need to keep your living expenses extremely low.