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Gems chapter 34- Aiden (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: There are legit tears in my eyes as I post this holy rhododendron or however you spell that I've been working on this for four years and... it's... it's over..................................................... #Gems

I woke up because my bed was on fire.
The next thing I heard was people screaming, which was a good and normal reaction to have to a flaming bed.
The next thing I heard was Heather’s voice. “Sorry, so sorry! We told them they weren’t allowed in, but they never listen to us.”
I was so stunned I couldn’t scream. The fire was warm to the point of being a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt, my clothes weren’t catching on fire, and my skin wasn’t getting extra crispy. At first, I wondered if I had become invincible or something, but then Puddijello jumped up onto my chest, which hurt a lot.
“Ow!” I yelped. “Puddijello, no! You’re too heavy!”
The fire went out instantly, and Puddijello stepped off me, looking a little offended.
I patted their head. “Don’t take it that way. Any living thing jumping onto my chest like that would hurt. I’m just weak and stuff.”
Puddijello’s ears perked up and they enjoyed my pats in silent bliss.
Heather, Josh, and Anna-Claire walked in. I had no idea why Anna-Claire was there, but she was cool, so I didn’t care.
Josh gave me the brightest smile I’d seen from him in a very long time. “Hey Aiden. How are you feeling?”
I suddenly became aware of my surroundings. I was attached to all sorts of machines measuring random body stuff. A doctor was watching us from across the room. “Is this some sort of hospital?”
Heather nodded. “Who’s the damsel in distress now? You’ve been out for a week. It is a huge miracle that you survived your injuries. Nobody else did.”
I shrugged, but noted that it hurt a lot to move. “I get that a lot, actually. What about that magic potion stuff?”
Heather shook her head. “They’ve been giving it to you, but the injuries were so bad that it couldn’t do much.”
I remembered how I was injured in the first place. “Holy rhododendron. Is the city ok? What happened to Meo?”
Heather smiled. “The city was damaged and there were a few fatalities, but the whole city could have died. Master Bordellon killed Meo.”
My heart sank, which surprised me. “Oh.”
The doctor walked up to us. “You’re ok to be released. Just take it easy for a while.”
I sat up and started peeling wires off. The monitors started going haywire. “Heck yeah! I’m ready to start exploring this place again.”
As I got up, the doctor shook Josh’s, Heather’s, and Anna-Claire’s hands. “Thank you so, so much. I don’t know where we would be without you.”
We walked out of the room and down the hall. Everyone we passed gave the three warm smiles. I studied them closely. “What is this all about?”
Heather was avoiding the gazes, a little uncomfortable. “We saved the city in front of everyone. We’ve gotten a lot of attention this past week. You wouldn’t believe it.”
I slumped, a little jealous that I wasn’t getting recognition, too. “What about that whole science club? What do they think of you guys?”
“We made a deal,” Heather said. “They only study us from a distance as long as we’re always willing to help whenever the police force asks for help.”
I smiled. “So you’re like guardians of the city?”
Josh smiled even more. “That’s a good way to put it, actually.”
We walked out onto the street, and people started clapping and gathering around. We all tried to squeeze through while Puddijello enjoyed lots of petting. I ducked under someone’s arm. “So I totally missed the big final battle?”
Heather nodded. “Unfortunately, yes. I’m sure you’ll get this absolutely wonderful treatment once you start helping out, though.”
I wasn’t sure if I would like that or hate it. “And, uh… where’s Bright Eyes?”
Everyone avoided looking at me. Oh dear. Anna-Claire was finally the one to speak up. “He and Josh got into a fight, and Diamond refused to explain anything. Since we’re the ones who saved the city and he was fighting against us, the city saw him as an enemy. We couldn’t defend him since he hadn’t explained anything. He’s locked up at a secure location, in a box too small for him to summon a human form.”
“Oh.” I studied the ground as we walked. “Well, was he a bad guy?”
Heather threw her hands up. “I don’t know! I don’t even know if Meo was a bad guy. I only saw him for like, five minutes. It’s all still a huge complicated mess.”  
I laughed uncomfortably. “Yeah. Meo’s my dad.”
Josh froze and stiffened up, which made a couple people following him bump into him and fall over. “What?”
I kicked at a pebble. “That’s why Diamond wanted me near him. Guess I’m not as useless after all, huh? I’ll either turn into an evil world conqueror or blow up because darkness and fire doesn’t mix.”
“No you won’t,” Josh insisted. “You’re never going to touch the Gem of Darkness. It should be pretty easy to prevent. Everything will be ok.”
I shrugged. “Not really. Master Bordellon is my uncle.”
Heather scrunched up her nose. “Ew.”
“Yup.” We walked into a damaged part of the city. Huge machines and people were working on reconstruction. It was even louder than normal for the city. I casually covered my ears. “What happened to Crazy Melon, anyways?”
Heather gave me a small smile. “We kicked him out because he’s a jerk, and Urea banished him.”
“Sweet.” I never wanted to see him again. “Wait, does that mean he’ll be joining that Bert beard dude?”
Josh groaned. “I really hope not.” 
“I wonder what Crazy Melon would look like with a crazy beard like that,” I said.
Josh laughed. I looked up at him, and was a little surprised when I saw tears in his eyes. “Are you crying?”
Josh squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. “They’re happy tears, though. I’m really glad you’re ok. I’m glad the city is ok, too.”
I stared up at the calm blue sky and the towers being rebuilt against it. “Me too.”
Everything did feel pretty ok.

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Gems- epilogue (nanowrimo draft)

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