Nov 27

Shame Pt. I

My stomach is churning like the sea in a violent storm.

My head is spinning.

My limbs are cooked spaghetti, weak and not able to hold up my body.

I’m so dizzy.

I sit down in a chair, hoping to rest my throbbing head against something soft.

But it only made the pain worse.

It is a terrible feeling, knowing that you hurt somebody. You begin to hurt as much as you hurt them.
I cannot eat, I cannot sleep.

 I pick up a book and try to avert my thoughts by reading, but the letters jumble in my brain.
  How can I live with this TORTURE?  My eyes fill with tears.

My only hope is to ask for their forgiveness.
But I’m not sure if I can face them again.
 I’m fading,
      Fading in Shame.