Dec 05
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Caviar is better than Tamales

I like to eat a caviar.
I like caviar to eat.
I eat it with ketchup.
I like sauce.

This tiz a poem
Bout caviar.
It is such a wonder,
To taste such a thunder
A massive array of flavors
An explosion of heavenly fishies.
I like to rhyme,
But as you can see I suck at it.
I like sauce.

You can eat caviar,
Or throw it at you annoying neighbors.  (Totally not copyright moiff)
My neighbor is moiff.
I don't like moiff.
I like sauce.

Moiff is obsessed with tamales.
Tamales aren't as good as caviar.
I put caviar in sauce.
I like sauce.

I put some caviar in one of moiff’s tamales once. He threw it at me. Than he threw another one at me. Then he put some poison in one and force fed it to me.
I don’t like moiff.
I Like sauce.