Dec 11
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"Cash me outside" Girl

On an episode of the popular TV show Dr. Phil, Danielle Bregoli and her mother were brought on due to family problems they were having circling around Danielle’s attitude and what she did. There’s a famous quote said during the episode “Catch me outside,” bur her accent made it sound like “Cash me outside.” A few months after the episode aired, people began to say the quote over and over and over again. This was one of the stupidest things I’ve witnessed to become as popular as it was. It was definitely the most annoying saying I’ve ever heard and every time it was said I wanted to rip my hair out. The phrase didn’t make any sense and whoever was saying it just sounded dumb and annoying. Then all I would see on my Facebook feed is the video of her saying it and pictures of her stupid face with the words “Cash me outside.” After a few long months, the saying finally died and peace was restored in the Universe.
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