Dec 14

The Space Journey

April, 25th, 2040:
4:26 AM

      I was told by my counselor, Noah Woodward, to try and relieve my stress by Writing in a journal. This is my first entry so far. My name is David Auditore, I was born on October 31st, 1983 and I am 56 years old currently. I like to play board games often like chess and checkers. I had a pretty big anger problem when I was young, but it seems to not have gone away yet, with outbursts going out from time to time. I used to go to this pizza place with these weird robots with my younger brother years ago. I think that place closed down at some point, though after one day...I never went back because of personal reasons.

April, 30th, 2040:
10:30 AM

      Strange...I was called by NASA of all people a few hours ago. They put out an offer for me to go into space and go out of our solar system in exchange for $1,000,000 and if I discovered a planet that could sustain life, I and some other astronauts get to name it! They also told me that anyone who goes to space for this kind of mission could bring some of our personal items with them.  I asked what would be the consequences for going into deep space, and they said that there is a 25% chance of returning safely, meaning that I may die from lack of food, water, or air. Asteroids could penetrate or damage the hull in some way as well... I told them I would think the offer over for a bit, and they told me to let them know my decision by May 2nd. I talked about it with my wife, Caroline, and we agreed to the offer. I will let them know tomorrow about the offer.

June, 27th, 2040:
5:47 PM

      It has been three whole months since I both agreed to that deal and from my last entry, my bad journal. I've been busy because, in those three months, I was put into training by NASA to use these new and improved suits that they have been using, I guess since Segments 19 (the Lunar Lander) landed on Neptune. I hope I can return safely to earth when my adventure is over and not get lost in the void.

July, 4th, 2040:
11:55 AM

      This is it guys, my last Earth entry for now because I'm inside a NASA Shuttle! It’s about to launch from ground control to the unknown parts of space in about 5 minutes. There are 3 other people aboard the shuttle with me, each of them are from other countries that helped make this possible. I read their tags and they read as follows:
Vladimir Krodem (Russia)
Eric Von Gradnov (Germany)

Hirokesima Kasuna (Japan)

and me, David Auditore (U.S.A).

October, 31st, 2040:
7:59 PM

      We had to dock at the International Space Station before we go too far so that we can adjust to the 0G environment and the different lifestyle it entails. This also may be a good time to talk with the others and get a friendly relationship going as well. I will have to live with them for god knows how long, so it may be a good idea for the long run. Even though people can just drive down IGH 01 (Intergalactic Highway 01) to go towards the Moon and Mars, and its been like that since 2039, being at the ISS makes space seem so much more beautiful than on that Highway.

November, 5th, 2040:
11:00 AM

      Oh god! An Asteroid just hit the hull of our shuttle! We were just cruising along, passing by Saturn when a roughly one-foot wide Asteroid came out of nowhere and hit the shuttle bay with a clang. It hit one of the solar panels, and we had Eric go out and fix it. There was no hole but there was a big dent where the Asteroid hit the panel. It was successfully fixed, but we lost 20% power from it, so we may have to dock at the P.Lu.T.O station once we get there to recharge.

March, 24th, 2041:
9:53 AM

      Krodem doesn't seem to be adjusting to the 0g environment and is becoming more and more nervous of the Asteroids hitting the metal exterior of the ship. We turned on the artificial gravity and reinforced the exterior to see if that would help his nervousness go down. At points, when we got bored, we would all shared jokes, play some sports in the sports rooms on the ship and do Charades. Though...the last one seems to be getting stale since there isn't much we can do charades on here...Hmm…

April, 1st, 2041:
5:00 AM

      Today someone pulled a prank on me in the bathroom by putting some clear wrap in between the toilet and the seat! That's one of the oldest tricks in the book right there, but I can do better than that. With some clever words and tactics, I fooled Kasuna into believing that Gradnov and Krodem were going to put his katana into space and blame it on me! Omg, this is gonna be hilarious! Let's see how this turns out for them.

April, 2nd, 2041:
10:43 AM

      ...Well, that went bad. Hirokesima didn’t take the prank well, so started to run after them with his katana! He was literally gonna kill them! I wasn’t gonna let that happen, so I put him in the Safe Room in the lower part of the ship, so he can calm down. The others were questioning who made him pissed, and I eventually told Gradnov and Krodem that I told Hirokesima that they took his blade. They weren't happy in the slightest, no smiles or even a giggle came out of them. They told me that if I did that again, they would put me in the vault with him. Hirokesima is now scratching the door and screaming at us to let him out, and we will let him a bit.

June, 20th, 2041:
3:45 PM

      We just passed the small P.Lu.T.O Space Station a few minutes ago and stopped there to refuel and restock on energy lost and supplies. Something I never noticed was that the “moons” that orbited it was actually rounded Solar panels...weird. Anyways, while we were at the Station, they received a message from a VAC Research Center on Neptune, requesting an emergency evacuation. They told us to send over someone over to check it out and see if they are all right. They pointed us at the A.B.R.A tele-tron System and told us to use that as it's quicker than landing a spacecraft there. We discussed who should go and we agreed to let Kasuna and Gradnov over and if they have trouble, then I and Krodem would go over as well if danger arises. We obviously won’t send them over without protection, so we will arm them with an ARX-273 laser rifle (which is standard issue for Space Marines), MP-31 SMGs, plenty of ammo for both weapons, three med packs each and a Mecha Suit. The suit is outfitted with a small 5mm Regeneration shield that protects the user and fixes up the suit with nanotech and a 50mm machine gun mounted on the right arm with a 5,000 round internal magazine. The suit had bulky shoulder plates and had a thruster pack on the back, hands, and feet to help if the suit gets stuck in a hole. Hope that is enough to get them back safely with no disease type sickness or another bad omen.

June, 25th, 2041:
5:59 AM

      We haven't heard a word from them at the station for 5 days and I'm getting worried. Because of this, I and Gradnov had the idea of going to the station and find out what is going on there. We plan to leave tomorrow at dawn with similar supplies that we sent the others with. Let's hope we find out what happened to those two and if they are ok.

July, 1st, 2041:
7:49 AM

      We just arrived at the station and the place had a weird tone to fire enveloped a part of the building and just the embers remain. Just as we opened the door to the lobby area, a crazy man in a worker’s outfit ran at us telling us to leave before “they” got here. We tried to ask him what he meant by "they", but he ran away in terror before he could answer. Something about how he acted and the unnerving tone this place gives me is making me slowly get more and more creeped out as we continue.

July, 4th, 2041:
5:01 AM

      It’s been 3 days since we have arrived at the space station and it looks like it had been trashed for a while now. I’ve seen some red chunky substance that smelled like rotting maggots on the walls and on the bodies we’ve been seeing on the floor, chairs, and in some of the security rooms. We still haven't heard from Kasuna and Gorden and we have been getting more and more worried as we move farther in of their safety.

July, 10th, 2041:
9:35 PM

      We started hearing weird noises in the walls and ceiling and I thought that I saw someone else from the corner of my eye, but they would disappear as I looked at them. I thought I saw a monkey or something, but it climbed into a hole before I got close to see what it was. Krodem and I saw demonic looking symbols like pentagrams and the number 616 on some of the walls.  When we entered what looked like a small resting area, we found a strange looking body on the ground blocking a doorway. It looked like its head had been cut in half with maggots inside of the brain and on one of its eyeballs, its arm was blown clean off with bone clearly visible and it had some sort of pellet holes on the left leg and torso. The pellet looking holes reminded me of a 00 Buck shotgun shell’s pellets, but there were no shells around it, only power cells with less than half power in them. What is going on around here? Who shot this...thing?

July, 20th, 2041:
8:00 PM

      We haven't yet found a direct way out of the facility because guess what, the exit hallways are collapsed in! Glorious, no way out now, not counting the way we came, but even then, this place is like a maze. Neither I nor Krodem can figure out where we came from!...Well, at least we found some trace of either Gradnov or Kasuna. We found one of the Mecha’s broken 50mm machine gun on the ground by...a broken Mecha. The suit still had 25% power left but badly damaged. We also found another journal entry, but we can’t read it yet until we get back to the ship as it appears that the screen is too damaged.

August, 31st, 2041:
1:15 AM

      We just saw three blood-red demonic being running down a hall! I’m not joking! We couldn’t see them clearly cause the lights were broken and were obscuring them, but from what I saw, they looked to have had horns, long claws and were looking to be around 6 ft 11. We shot them but hey wouldn't stop. When we ran they appeared in front of us and trust me, we tried to block them with a broken wall but it only slowed them down. We are hiding for our lives from them and I don’t know where the things are now. I feel like I don’t want to know what they are doing or where they were going, but I know that I want OFF THIS PLANET!.

September, 10th, 2041:
11:12 AM

      We just found a way out of this place, but then we were ambushed by these hell hounds and before the demons ate us for lunch, a guy shot and killed the beings, saving our lives in the process! Thank you, god! He came up to us and told us to get out now, but then a whole horde of demons spawned out of nowhere and started causing havoc. I and the marine held the things off while we saw Kasuna kill the rest of the hoard. I, the Marine, Kasuna, and Gradnov decided to head to the ship but we then heard some more demons coming our way. I don’t know where Krodem went though!

September, 19th, 2041:
7:32 AM

      We finally launched from that Hellish station with Me, the Marine, Kasuna, and Gradnov still alive and well. The only casualty, besides the entire station’s crew, was Krodem to our knowledge.
If he made it out, then we wish him the best of luck. Krodem, if you see my journal entries and want to know where we are, we are entering Space Quadrant MM X1 Sigma continuing the venture we started. I wish you luck, comrade. We will not forget you!

October, 25TH, 2041:
1:01 AM

      We found while continuing our adventure, an old looking ship. The marine saw the ship and recognized it to be the abandoned space station, Nostromo. He said that the station was abandoned for roughly 62 years since May 25th, 1979 when an alien came aboard and nearly killed everyone. There were no reported survivors, but rumor has it that a female and a cat of all things escaped and got rescued. I told the marine that we could see if there is anyone left on the board but the marine said there was nobody on the station and nobody ever dared go ominous.

October, 25th, 2041:
5:00 AM

      A big, mangled up piece of space debris came from the station about 6 ft long x 12 ft high and hit our ship’s exterior. Luckily, no one looks to be hurt from the impact, but the hull is badly damaged and we can’t use our communicator as that won’t reach any stations because the closest one was back by Pluto. We were forced to land at the abandoned space station until the ship is repaired to a better condition or someone finds us out here and helps us back. You know Journal, sometimes...sometimes I wonder how my wife and child are back home. Little Jimmy and my wife Jasmine, Jimmy is supposed to turn 8 in a few days...hope to get back in one piece.

October, 27Th, 2041:
9:30 PM

      It took us a while to bring this ship to the landing zone, but we made it and man, this place surely has been left to rot for a while, that's for sure. There’s cracked boxes and smashed security gate entry points everywhere and electric sparks are flying from some of the broken down machines as if something came rushing through here in a hurry. I guess that must have been because of that “alien” he was talking about before rummaging through here. Let's hope there are enough parts to repair our ship or someone else who could help us, cause if that alien is still here...well let's just hope it isn’t.

October, 29Th, 2041:
7:06 PM

      There are these pothole looking areas where some acidic substance ate it away. Some of them look like they go down forever! I don’t think any lifeform could cause the amount of acid to cause this. Hmm...maybe those stories about the disappearance of the crew were true in the fact that an alien came aboard, though this could just be from chemical weapons.

October, 31st, 2041:
8:00 PM

      We found some sort of cafeteria with 4 broken down robots with some slimy substance smeared on it and some kinda dried up red stains near the eye sockets. One unidentified male corpse wearing some kind of purple jersey was found in the backroom where whoever ran this place before stored the spare parts. We looked around and found 12 dismantled exoskeletons with some foreign substance oozing out of the eye, mouth, and limb joints. Nobody can figure out what this stuff is and it's making Kasuna and Gradnov worried, but the Marine seems unaffected. I wonder if we should continue looking into this or if we should just continue looking for spare parts.

November, 3RD, 2041:
2:09 AM

      We found a computer terminal still active, which means this place must still have power. How else would a single terminal in this computer club area be the only one active...Batteries? Anyways, we looked into it and found some logs describing a tall scaly creature with teeth sharper than an Exacto knife, a mouth as wide as a whiteboard, it’s tongue was like of a rattlesnake’s and a long, scaly tail roaming the ship. The entry was made on Jan, 20th, 2034, which looks good for us as the creature must be long dead or gone. I took the entry, put in my PDA and I shall keep reading through it later to see if any useable info can be extracted.

November, 7TH, 2041:
3:44 AM

      We overheard some people talking somewhere about some kinda search party, but we couldn't find where the conversation was coming from since the words seemed to echo everywhere. We called out to see if anyone was there, but we got no response. Maybe it’s a radio still active? What's weird is that we found a .357 magnum and 6 spare rounds on a table by a security terminal nearby. The strange part comes in when you also feel like those voices were ghosts and this was what got them. I may be just thinking out of the box on this, but hey, can’t be stranger than what we faced before, can it?

November, 10TH, 2041
11:10 AM

      We found an entire room full of these containment chambers meant for what looks like to be preserving people or other living organisms in some fashion. It’s kinda freaky because there are also some vials and jars with organs and smaller organisms, so this may be a lab of some kind. Some of the chambers seem to be broken into with nothing in them anymore and others look to have some type of human-like thing in them that was probably just meant for testing. There seems to be one terminal for every 5-10 pods which have controls on them like open, close, “decontaminate”, and awaken. I have no clue what it means by Decontaminate or Awaken, but it must have a purpose, surely.  The terminals state names of people in the pods like “Jeremy Fisher”, “Adam Weast”, “Ashley Gram” and “Riley Scottson” and some of the names have the words “TERMINATED” and/or “CONTAMINATED” written beside their names in bold red letters. Wonder what contaminated them?

November, 11TH, 2041
11:11 AM

      Here is something strange, before we left that computer room, Kasuna found a weird looking pod. It looked different to every other pod in the area as it had weird protrusions leading to the ceiling and ground. We opened the pod with caution as for one, it intrigued us and two, we didn’t know what it was and armed accordingly. A man fell out of the chamber and didn’t seem to be breathing at all wasn’t breathing at all, as if he was dead or still in stasis for some reason. The man just laid there on his hands and knees, motionless, just facing the ground. Gradnov went to the man and asked him if he was alright, but the man just sat there. After a minute, he started making some weird screeching sounds. It, strangely enough, reminded me of an old computer going on AOL Instant Messenger. Idk why it reminded me of it though...strange. The marine picked the man up off the ground and saw that the man’s eyes were closed and that he had little facial features like a nose and mouth, having a slit where the mouth would be and an HDMI+ port where the nose would be. The marine slapped him in his face multiple times to wake him up, and he did eventually in a trance-like state.  He moved like one of those early robots from the 2010’s yet it had the design and proportions of those from the B3/T Contingency that happened in the 2020’s. His eyes looked Lizard-like, with a dark green glow. His hair was a vibrant green and was styled like those of Vietnam Era American soldiers with what looked to be Cybernetic implants on the sides of the face that had the shape of regular sideburns. He seems really strange, but I think we should monitor him, in my opinion, to see if he could lend us some info on what he is if he comes out of that weird trance-like state he is in.

November 12th, 2041
11:00 AM

So that guy who we found yesterday, remember him? Yeah, he started sporadically and even found a Pistol and tried to kill us! I was able to stop him by shooting at one of his legs, but he kept on going. Gradnov then shot the gun out of his hand, then holding the man down. None of us were shot, luckily enough. Once we had him down, we knocked the guy out as to not cause another freakout like what he was doing. We then brought him to a safe area, one with no weapons, tied him to a chair and tried to get some answers out of him..once he regained consciousness that is. Who knows how long that would be, but I think we can wait a bit to find out.
10:50 PM
Ok, so he came back to the realm of the consensus and Kasuna tried to interrogate him for answers. He was still angry that we, you know, shot him, but we tried to get answers first. Kasuna asked for his name, and he said something along the lines of Shamus or Samson. He also wanted our names as he gave us his. We agreed and as we tried to talk to him, he slowly got more and calmer, thankfully. He gave us the information he knew for us to untie him. The info he gave us, however, was rather minimal, as if he hasn't been around for all that long or he has memory problems. Gradnov asked him if he knew if there were any places that we could repair our ship and luckily he has an idea of where we could find some parts! Finally, we've been here for too long and we finally have a lead on where to go.

November, 13TH, 2041
2:02 PM

      We decided to take the man with us after we gave him something to patch up his wounds which were not leaking any kinda blood as if he was an android or something so that we could follow where he was saying the parts were. After talking to him for a while, it was like he was created inside that pod thing we found him in, or he was in stasis for god knows how long. We told him some stories we heard back on earth to see if any ring a bell to him, but none were recognized. He seems like a strange person to me, but useful to us as a whole for now.

December, 14TH, 2041
6:10 AM

      It’s been roughly a month since my PDA which I was using to write these entries had died. Some things happened in that time, however, so I'm gonna write them down in this notebook I found earlier so that I don’t forget and if I get back to earth, my story could be told to future astronauts or historians:
  • Kasuna found some useful gear like a Flamethrower, Food, and Water
  • I found some more Encrypted PDA entries
  • We started hearing weird noises coming from somewhere far off
Found some kinda Research Lab “Willkommen in Der Riese”.
The lab we found was a strange one. When we entered, we found that the place was a mess. There were some logos and posters on the wall that showed a fist in front of a gear. The sign was everywhere inside and was like it was a Nazi base, yet couldn't be since they were killed off back in the 40’s. There were some glowing rocks in circular containers with labels saying “Element 115 originally found by Kreiser Maxis and Nokato von Richthofen.”
I thought that the Russians found Moscovium first? Both are Element 115, yet seem different. I wonder if it was a typo? On a different note, we haven’t slept for weeks. We are going to try and sleep in the lounge area we found nearby the pod room to get some rest before we continue. Adventuring sure takes the energy out of you, doesn't it?

December, 16th, 2041
1:00 AM

      I heard some noises in that lab I told you about previously when I went to go to the bathroom. When investigating it, I found someone hunching over a dead body. I asked who it was but got no response. I went closer to the person to see who it was, but when I got around 15ft or so, the guy hunching over the dead man growled at me. He turned his head to show a decomposed face with glowing yellow eyes just staring at me. We were both still like a stone before he stood up and started walking towards me. His breath was worse than vomit on a 105-degree day in summer. I then heard a clang of metal with metal and it ran and hopped into an air duct as if he was late to work on a Monday. The noise came from a brown rectangular box with two question marks on the lid with a blue-ish glow coming from the inside. It was like it was a ghost box or something. The box was just sitting in the corner on some cracked cinder blocks and I don’t know how I missed it when I came here earlier. When opened, the box made a short jingle and weapons from different time periods like WW1, Afghanistan and the American Civil War was shuffling and rising. The shuffling stopped on an M1928A1 Thompson with various attachments applied. It was floating mid-air in the box as if it was waiting for me to pick it up. I was cautious at first, but I decided to take it. When I did, it slammed shut with a loud THUD! I put the weapon on a nearby desk and went to tell the others, but they were wary of what I found and chalked it up to an illusion. I will show them in a few hours if they wake up.

December, 16th, 2041
6:25 AM

      I and the others scavenged around the room I was in last night, searching for the creature I spotted, but we found nothing but a half-eaten body. Something else that happened was that when I told the others about the box, they didn’t believe me and when I went to show them it, it was gone along with the weapon I got. Where the box once was, was a couple of cinder blocks stacked on themselves with a dirty brown teddy bear on the top of the blocks. Was it my imagination? Or an Illusion maybe? Behind the cinder blocks was a poster I didn’t see before. It had 3 creatures on it: a dirty turquoise one, a yellow one, and a bright pink one. all of the creatures were different in some way with the yellow one having no arms, only 4 legs, and horns, the pink one having a beak, thin horns and claws like a bear/man hybrid and the dirty turquoise one having goat type horns, black eyes, and looking more normal than the others. Under them was a rusty street sign that said

It looked like some kinda Direct to DVD horror comedy movie to me. Wonder if it will ever get released?

December, 18th, 2041
3:33 PM

      We started venturing again through the station for parts after we found nothing else of interest in the science lab. We asked the robot man guy if we were close to the area with the parts, but I guess we arent since he said no. Also, we seem to be getting more and more hungry and sick as we go on for some strange reason. I wonder if it's because the ship’s losing air? No, can’t be, and now that I think about it, wasn’t the Nostromo featured in the movie Alien? How is it here? Can’t be a coincidence, but I can think more about it later. There were occasional banging noises coming from somewhere, but nothing we haven’t heard before at the VAC base. There were a lot more skeletons everywhere for some reason than before. Hopefully, they were just Halloween props but from what I’ve seen so far, I doubt it.

March, 5TH, 2042
7:16 PM

      Ok, now I really think I’m losing my mind or something, cause I keep hearing whispers coming from all around and NOBODY is hearing them besides me! Kasuna and the marine said they don’t see or hear whatever I was worried about and Sean was acting weirdly towards the others like they were frightening him. I have to breathe and calm myself, but it's hard to do that when the thought that you may never see your FAMILY AGAIN KEEPS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND!

March, 14TH, 2042
1:00 PM

Shamus seems to be getting what's happening now, He has the answers! HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS! He tells me everything. The walls are closing in, the doors close, ceilings widen, the Children will find us, the Man must suffer. There is no God, HE has abandoned us.

Janufebrary 231st, 202044
1:080:023 PM

vHehE, I HavE DoNE IT, god, You ArE FrEE Now, The CHIlDReN Are VaNQUished, The Man Was KILLLLLED! HehehEHHEHEHSHHAHAAHhHahHhahHAAaaAAA! Sc-Top--s WiLL Ri-E -ndE- Noka--! I aM --k-TO, I AM NOKaT---

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