Dec 17

Everyone's Six-Word Stories: COW 2017

Here are all of the Six-Word Stories written collectively by the writers who attended YWP's Celebration of Writing (COW) on November 11th, 2017 at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Burlington.

As I said with the exquisite corpse stories, these make great prompts, so feel free write off of them!

Again, I am including photos with several of the stories. I created another interactive story explorer contraption. Click on those words or find it here:



I truly know nothing at all.
Showing [Snowing?] outside and in my soul.
I never know what to write.
I waited and waited for him.
I finally have a first line.
She jumped into the green water.
Broken, fragile creatures dancing in snow.
Why can’t I stop thinking thoughts?
Caught in a moment, we’re impermanent
Three-hundred and fifty days more.
Breaking apart and slowly dying inside.
I’m so tired deep down forever.
Spicy memes are my only passion.
The music evaporated without a warning

Angels dark wings swooped into sight.
I fell from the sandy cliff.

Hope is abundant in the dark.
I will dance with the moon :)
There’s not much I can do.
My only wish is to write.
My ice cream toppled to the ground.
I’m afraid what I write’s depressing
Nobody understands my obsession with TOP.

Six magical words and I’m done!
I sit down and begin writing.
My Blue Hair Dye stains everything.
The wind blew cold and fierce.
I fight my thoughts. Every day.
Empty head… when I want thoughts.
My bones creaked, when I stood.
Marshmallow Kingdoms always flourished well here.
Kick rocks! The boulder said furiously
My butler only serves dry oatmeal.
When balloons fly away, I cry.
I can relate to you, friend
A spark. A breeze. Then darkness.
I don’t know what to write.
Hearts fall like frozen water, effortful.
Inspiration found her, so she wrote.
Life is too short to waste.
I write. Without writing I die.
I am writing. What’s your power?
Bob was murdered by a potato
He fell in love, I ran.
Regret is picking up potassium
Snowflakes dance on leaves. The Fairies.
Hi. You must be my inspiration.
I like to eat 9-pound pumpkins
Cupcakes and muffins are the same J
Too late to save his smile.
YAY! I’m maybe probably done here.
He wrote. She wrote. They lived.
Beer plus firecrackers equals burned feet.
“I like trains!” BAM! CRASH! GUTS!
The cannibal ate my skinny leg.
I am a run-on sentence.
Where did the black marker go?
I wish I could fall freely…
And they never spoke again after…
Days begin slowly but end abruptly.
Memes are like life: stupidly hilarious
A lowly cat ran from home
Spilling coffee is a sad thing.
Snowflakes falling fall still not fallen.
Nothing prepared him for that night
Chose quality not quantity, when speaking
Truth is hard, but is far.
The warmth of coffee in mornings.
Terrified at first
Peace came slowly
Handwriting is an art work here.
Old address book friends now gone
Eyes are windows to true character.
Stars shine even in the dark
Ice, the leggings of winter time…
The water spoke its own language.
Sweaters, coffee, uggs
Fall is my favorite time.
(I break Rules!)
They never listen, why should I?

Pennywise came and ate my armpit.
Leaves frozen in the bird bath
Male voice silencer power now gone
The wind howled the house creaked.
Take me away. Goodbye, you guys.
I’ve notified the sunset squad to
Call me a girl. I won’t today.
When will the light come back?
Time heals everything yet it kills (us slowly)

You made me love the mountains.
Birds envy humans too, perhaps or
Days of true promise begin now.
Feathers are like Celtic knots: stunning.
Eyes tell lies just like words.
Silver is a warm color, too.
You lied, I cried, life continued.
The light traces around your eyelashes.
Light bounces off my marker cap.
It hurts to watch her drown.
The other one is better, right?
The part that’s alive is hidden.
The full moon’s light shone vibrantly.
There were no spiders or snakes.
She paused, her mind was racing.
Fear, like a constantly flowing river.
I lie. She lies. We lie.
Telling the truth often hurts most.
Shouted, but her demons were louder.
The shapes were scattered very far.
The snow fell upon the evergreens.
Sun kissed, I took a nap.
I never thought he’d come back.
She loves, but does he, too?
Hurtful words tear me up inside.
There were desks in the closet.
The cobwebs hung like torn sweaters.
Empty, dark, lonely, has no one.
The flower uncurls itself, soaking sun.
Fright is slowly tearing me apart.
Blink. The white room and sheets.
The open cliff is terrifyingly steep.
What do you mean I can’t?
I will do what I please.
I would die without her here.
And the world came crashing down.
Once upon a time you became
Darkness isn’t fear, only a challenge.
No one knew but her cat.
Clear sky. Baby blue green pines.
Don’t be afraid, light will shine.
Seven cold, dark quiet long minutes. 

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 11, 2017