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The Orphanage (Remastered) Chapter 8

Chapter 8                                                              Warning- Sensitive Subjects, horror elements and language.

Mary Anns Interlude

So you may remember (you probably do) that last chapter Mary Ann had gone to get the new child. Well we get to hear a bit about that. This is not related to Vincents story- next chapter is all about answering questions, so send a few!

"God I hate acting..." Mary Ann muttered as she carried out the new child. It was hell to get in and out in one piece- she had to pose as an executioner. This child was 4 foot 5. She was 9 years old with red eyes. Her skin was pale and white, and her hair was greasy and black. It was covering one eye. Her front tooth was missing and she was wearing a white hospital gown. This child had been in that lab all her life, nameless, familyless and emotionless. She completely lacked human contact, human emotion, all the things that we have that help us feel emotion, pain, regret- she didn't have any. 
Mary Ann had found out that this child that she had been watching for several years was going to be executed due to her dangerous actions. So Mary Ann brought in a form of magic that would slow the Childs heart rate enough to pass as dead so she could get her out. She had to lie to do this, and she hated lying. Mary Ann found out that this child had never even seen color before- that they had kept her in a white room. So Mary Ann was over joyed to get to save her- give her a new chance, teach her. All she hoped was to do was give her what she never had- a family.
The girl woke up- the magic was temporary of course so she was bound to wake up. But instead of questioning the girl just looked up at Mary Ann. Mary Ann didn't notice- she was too focused on getting to the boat so she could sail back. They got to the boat and the girl finally said something-
"Why am I awake?" she asked
Mary Ann jumped- she was startled because she thought the girl was still asleep.
Damn- I thought the magic would work till we got home- well, who knows what they had pumped through this poor girl so that explains why she woke up early
Mary Ann thought, resting the girl on a comfortable seat.
"Because i saved you sweetheart... those men weren't good people."
"But they said-"
"They said that because they didn't know I was saving you, not killing you."
There was silence. The girl sat motionless as they sailed to the Orphanage. The girl stared off, with an absent look on her face.
"Where are we going?"
"Home. To your new home."
"Are you going to do more tests on me?"
"No. You will never have to experience the things they did to you ever again. You're safe."
Silence again. Only the sound of the ocean lapping against the boat was heard. Mary Ann turned and smiled at the girl.
"Whats your name? My name is Mary Ann."
"Name?" asked the girl. "Whats a name?"
"Its something people call you. It makes you different so people can recognize you."
"Oh." said the girl. "Well, I was called many names. Bad names. Some were ok." she said dawdling on the idea of 'name'. "You can call me Psycho- that was my favorite name they liked to call me."
Mary Ann was startled. Then she realized that this girl never had a name- and if that name was a 'favorite' then she guessed she might as well call her so.
"Ok Psycho- you're going to meet your family very soon." smiled Mary Ann.
And Psycho seemed- content at this. At her name, the idea of a family, and that she will never have to go through what she used to have to.
Of course she will be a rather interesting edition- assuming that Mike and Tore don't kill eachother by the time Mary Ann had gotten home.

Well isn't this turning out to be a rather interesting story!


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