13 years old


  • Numbness

    Growing up,

    I saw the other kids laugh,

    Cry, be angry, and feel emotions


    I never did that,

    I never felt that they called:

    Happy, sadness, anger

    All I felt was…


  • Marbles

    Everyone carries a little bag full of marbles,

    But I didn’t get one.

    I have to carry them myself,

    And I managed to,

    until I realized something,

    This is hard to do.

    Most people don’t notice

  • Annabel

    As Abigail awoke in the dead of night, a chilling sensation gripped her spine. The girl with the missing face was sitting at the end of her bed once more, her shadowy figure melding with the darkness that engulfed Abigail’s room.

  • Harsh Truth

    Life doesn't always have a happy ending,

    It’s always moving, changing, and bending.

    For life is a small tree in the storm

    That never gave up, and became a strong life form