Jan 07


It's the only term I think we both understand from our sides of the wall.
You whisper about thought processes and psychology.
I grab it with both hands
and translate it into science
and chemicals.
You called it love,
I called it a dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin cocktail.
You called it the honeymoon phase and
I called it C9H13NO3 because of the jitters and the shakes.
You called it adrenaline
and I said you were wrong.
I call fear and anger and fighting adrenaline.
"It's the same chemical composition, right?"
I couldn't deny that.  It was, but something about adrenaline
didn't fit.
It didn't fit us.
I remember you begging me to come with you
because you couldn't live without me.
I couldn't think of the words but I had to say no
and I said no.
I remember the fury
and anger
and disappointment.
I remember the adrenaline.
You overdosed on the dopamine, the serotonin, and the oxytocin.
I took the propranolol.
You screamed at me.
I left.