Jan 12
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Winter story

My eyes open slowly and I am warm sitting next to the fireplace wrapped up in the blanket made of wool. I look outside and a world of white surrounds me. I run over to get my boots, gloves, hat, jacket, snow pants, and hand warmers. By the time I am ready I had really worked up a sweat. I burst outside feeling a slap of cool air hit me. I hear the pitter-patter of soft delicate snowflakes landing on my jacket, I look at the cold figure of ice forming a design on my coat among millions of other snowflakes. I gaze over to the pine trees with white blankets of snow lying still on the hundreds of tiny green needles. I peer up at our house, the brown stained logs with hints of white making our lovely cabin. The brick chimney sending short puffs of hot smoke into the atmosphere. I lye down in the soft pillows of white feeling like a bed fit for a king.
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