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    Today we are about as close as two people can be without living in the same household. I feel as if we compliment each other perfectly, we get along, I can tell him anything no matter what, he is a true friend of mine and I hope it stays this way for many years to come. Ryan James Boyle is somebody in my life, who I feel as if, has my back 100%.
    Ryan and I met approximately 12 years ago. We were both little little kids, just itching for our first chance at an organized sport, little league. His father Gary was our coach. He is a relatively average guy, around 6 feet, not to muscular, how ever he is literally one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. However, those times are long gone and just distant memories now. The more recent memories, however, are more plentiful in number. One major one is the now annual super bowl parties. It all starts about a month in advance, I let my parents know that yes, another super bowl party is happening again this year, nag them for a few weeks and finally they say yes. I pull up to the unassuming house on Pleasant street. My mother says “behave yourself” and I respond with the same thing I always say, “I always do”. I step out and the smell of woodsmoke, and barbeque sings in your nose and reverberates around your head. You walk up to the porch say hi to Gary and Ryan’s mother Leslie and walk inside. The fun has already begun. The unfinished living room in back is full of couches filled with teenage boys laughing and smiling. The sound of Hip-Hop fills the whole house. You finally find your seat somewhere next to Ryan. You talk for awhile about school, who’s dating who, sports, girls etc. Then the food is ready. The whole room goes silent, everyone is just eating all they can. This food, of course, is amazing. The game starts, however this gathering of friends isn’t totally about the game, although it is a major part, this gathering of friends is about just that, friends.
    However, there are many memories with Ryan, another one that comes to mind was last baseball season. Sitting on a bus that’s much too full of teenagers that are much too hot and sweaty, you find yourself in your normal position, next to Ryan. We again just talk for a while, waiting for the bus to fill up and start moving. Once this occurs one of us will pull out some earbuds and a phone, put on our favorite playlist, share the earbuds and just ride.  We sit there with mutual respect for each other, knowing we could crack jokes and horse around for an hour or so along the ride, but instead we sit there just as happy to be listening to music sharing each other's  presence. However this doesn’t always happen, there are definitely days where we do crack jokes and mess around. This same behavior as you know sometimes carries over into school, but that is why we are friends that is why we get along so well is because we are very much alike. Though admittedly I tend to be louder in my jokes and horsing around than he is.
    There are actually only a couple ways in which Ryan and I are very different people. He is about as calm and relaxed as a person can be, and well, I’m just not. He’s not a person like me who tends to really be talking all the time, whenever he does talk it’s important and everyone is listening. But those are really the only major things that I can think of. We tend to be very similar people.

    One considerable way in which we are the same is the scale to which we have changed. Ryan is now approaching six feet tall, he has a legitimate 6 pack and is pretty strong for his size. His body as a whole is pretty slender but it is built for sports. He sometimes wears glasses but  uses contacts most of the time, his face is thin but far from gaunt. He has five o’clock shadow even at 7:30 AM but that is a side effect of being probably the only highschooler able to grow a legitimate beard. His hair is really the only thing about his appearance that really sticks out, he puts his bangs up with a slight amount of hair gel. Ryan’s wardrobe largely matches his personality, muted earth tones relaxed pieces ment not to really stick out. But don’t get me wrong he knows how to dress. He always has a good outfit. I feel as if in many ways we mirror each other this manner. We both now actually care about how we look.
    We may look as if we are approaching adulthood, and emotionally we do have the ability to act in that manner but the one thing that has never changed or wavered through the years is our friendship, I always have Ryan’s back no matter what and he always has mine. Ryan Boyle has been literally the best friend I’ve ever had and I hope to never ever lose this. I hope we stick together like we always have.
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