17 years old


  • Red Sea

    You left me drowning in a red sea of emotion

    Making me map out the stars to predict your impossible current 

    I remember the invisible stream

    Broken free from my split chest 

  • Cup of Blood

    The idea of you is a spill of coffee on my cold lips 

    Within the protection of a sweater 

    On a maple afternoon 

    Though my cup did not hold transparency 

  • Life's painting

    I yearn to see this life as a painting.

    I want to see the colors that are mixed in, 

    The colors I have not yet seen,

    The colors that would spiral into blackness,

  • Camp Memories

    When packing up to go home 

    Don’t forget to pack your memories 

    If you lose them 

    The way that you remembered them is forever gone 

    Keep them safe 


  • A Cursed Truth

    The saying 'you don't know what you have until it's gone,' 

    is a truth that feels like a weighted curse, one you'll never be rid of. 

    Seasons change quicker than we realize, as winter holds fall close,

  • Papercuts

    Did you know that, when you wrote me, I was made of papercuts

    That I was ink and glue and wax but mostly, I was papercuts

    Did you know that, when you read me, I am made of memories

  • Pretend to be human

    All my life

    I have wanted to be an artist

    creating stories 

    out of lines

    created with my own two hands

    but what about


    will I have the future

    I dream about

    if my dream is stolen