A Cursed Truth

The saying 'you don't know what you have until it's gone,' 

is a truth that feels like a weighted curse, one you'll never be rid of. 

Seasons change quicker than we realize, as winter holds fall close,

and spring practically dances with summer as light is "saved." 

Day chases the night, as Night chases the day, stuck in an infinite loop. 

Most mortal's don't notice, or perhaps they just don't care,

as time dances around the universe, letting us go while holding us close,

we focus on little things that won't matter in a week, in a month. 

We know there's few absolutes in life, the most intimidating one,

is something many fear, causing us to be blind to the present. 

Though, death still looms above us, and whisks those we love away. 

it's not until then, that we notice what we have, or rather, what we had

Once death rips something away from us, we'll never get it back,

and that's when we realize what we lack. 

We don't truly acknowledge what we have until it's gone, 

always believing we will have more time, more memories,

but we know the truth, time cannot be prolonged or borrowed. 

Posted in response to the challenge Out.



16 years old

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