Jan 25
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Birds singing,
Grass growing,
Church bells ringing in the distance.

Sleeping in in the morning,
Snuggling up to my dog,
Happy it’s another day of freedom.

Thinking of all the things I can do,
Play outside,
Hang out with my friends,
Or just sit and watch TV.

What a relief it is,
Another day off.

But I miss Saturday,
Because now I  think of the
Five days ahead of me.

School tomorrow,
Big test in the morning,
Babysitting after school.

Gym on tuesday,
Mile run,
My dog tore up my last pair of shorts.

Mom’s got a meeting,
And dad’s working late,
Wednesday night,
I’ll be staying with my aunt and uncle,
They have three crazy kids.

Wishing for a snow day Thursday,
We are watching that movie that everyone's seen,
My three year old cousin loves it.

Basketball ball game Friday night,
Against the best team I know.

Wishing it was still Saturday,
My favorite day of the week,
Where freedom’s all I feel.

But there’s a Sunday,
Every week.

It’s still a day off.

But then you start thinking,
Of all the things,
That could possibly go wrong.

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