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poem 0 comments challenge: Forest
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It’s very easy

to get lost in a forest.

It’s very easy

to make your way out,

follow a star or walk in a straight line or climb the tallest tree

and you’ll find the forest edge.

But what if the left turn seems as good as the right?

The star to your back is as bright as the star ahead

and both seem valid to follow.

The line you walk in this direction,

is as enticing as the line you walk in the other.

Soon the trees will take the same shape,

and the harder you look the more they have in common,

until you’re lost in a forest where the trees are in perfect rows,

and each will have the exact same number of leaves,

all will be covered in moss on the side facing you,

and every one will feel and look as if they were made from the same mold.

Because you’re lost,

sit where you are

in the leaves and the dirt and

don’t move.

Maybe a tree will grow an extra branch,

pointing to hint at the way you should go.

But when you grow desperate enough,

just choose a breeze that feels right.

Then walk with it,

because it’s a very easy thing,

to make your way out,

as long as you simply make a decision.

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