Feb 15
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Nice Strangers

  One time my family, friends and I went on a trip to the west coast of San Francisco. The days were winding down like a Jack In the Box and soon the sunny, beach days would be over and we would head back to the cold, snowy winters of Burlington Vermont. The folks we were renting from had a lemon tree in the backyard, prior to that day we have picked them off and made delicious homemade lemonade. We decided it would be good to get a few bucks each to go home with so we set up that quick and easy way to make money in movies, the lemonade stand. Business has never been so good, almost everyone who walked by had some delicious lemonade. It was in the morning so one problem was most early risers love their coffee so financially that was our biggest competitor. Then this guy with an ecsquisit Australian accent walks by. This guy was great hit find. He recognized our hard work and where we set a fair 25 cents he tipped us 25 bucks almost doubling our cash for the day. I mean this guy really made a child’s day which I remember to this day. Its funny how you remember the actions of strangers whether they are mean or nice or face plant while trying to do the rails at Bolton Valley Ski Resort but what’s really important is to not just remember people who helped you out but be the person that another person's remembers for making their day.

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