Feb 15
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No media!

If all social media shut down I wouldn’t know what to do,it’s like my life relies on social media.I can’t even live without my phone,the most important social media(s)is Snapchat,and Facebook.Snapchat is the only why I text friends basically,Facebook is the only way i text my mom after school,or if I’m gone at a friends house.For example I have streaks on Snapchat with friends and people that I barely talk to but it’s not really much work,if you don’t know what streaks are it’s just a certain amount of days that you talked/texts that person,there’s no certain amount of streaks you can have it’s infinity if you don’t lose them.Facebook is a way for me to figure out what’s going on in the world and what’s going on with my family members.For example my brother got married and is having a baby,my sister also got married.

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