Feb 21
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goodnight #vtwrites18

My eyes open to a sea of darkness. Sweat covers my body and my mind is racing about how to determine if that nightmare really happened. I look around as my eyes start to adjust to the dark. I turn over to get my phone and press my thumb against the home button. A wave of light burns my eyes and I quickly turn down the brightness. 12:46 am the clock reads. I look away and get out of bed to quench my major thirst. I fill up the glass I usually use to rinse out my mouth after I clean my teeth and braces. I quickly gulp down the glass. I hear my phone start to ring and groan and start to walk back towards my room. I realize that it was night and quickly run to get the phone before it disturbs my whole family. I press the button and press the phone against my ear. I look around my room and glance out the window. Something moves but I couldn't figure out what it was. I look back to the hallway and see another shadow disappear into the black abyss. A soft voice whispers from the phone. “Turn around.” I quickly jerk my head back to see a black figure staring back at me from the outside. I does a small wave at me and then I feel something jump on me and a cloth pressed against with a weird odor. Four hours later I wake up in some metal bed chained down and the things just smiles and says “Goodnight” and sends a bullet through my skull killing me instantly.
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