Mar 01
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The Queen Who Fell From My Grace

Dear you,

    I’m mad at you.

    I would scream it from the top of a mountain, if I was willing to hike like you always wanted me to, so I’ll settle for yelling at you in my head. And I have. Oh, yes I have. I’ve yelled and screamed, cried and screeched and I do this all in my head because I’ll never be able to do it in person. I know yelling would do nothing, but I also know I will never talk to you about how I feel cause you won’t listen. You never have. Instead, you hand out these backhanded apologies like candy on Halloween, expecting me to take them as quickly as an excited five year-old who has just realized they get to eat all the candy. However, I’m now done with your Halloween’s. They aren’t fun and I’m sick and tired of these idiotic fights and spats where in the end you feel you didn’t really do anything bad. You maybe misunderstood something which caused it or you just said all those insults in the heat of the moment, not meaning any of them. Yet, why do you keep repeating them everytime you’re angry with me?

    So, I’m done.

    I see you’re doing well in what I guess is your bubble of a world where you rule everything and are the perfect queen that dare anyone say anything mean to or do something wrong near. I hope you enjoy it and until you apologize to them (you know who I’m talking about), don’t talk to me but,  don’t you dare try to ignore it.

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